How to Encourage Clicks Without the Shady Tricks with UX Consultant Paul Boag at Awwwards Conference Amsterdam

How ecommerce sites can grow conversions without using dark patterns. UX & Service Design Consultant, Paul Boag gives 3 alternatives to psychological manipulation and talks simplifying interfaces, performance, addressing user objections, and more, at Awwwards Conference Amsterdam. Dark patterns are dangerous because consumers are cynical, customers can undermine your brand and most importantly buyer’s remorse […]

HAUS: Creative Agency Case Study

Creating a new version of your own website is always an introspective and challenging process. We wanted our redesign to be a clean, elegant and unique expression of our brand but also something that would turn heads and melt faces. Technology evolves so rapidly now that what were once unprecedented features of a website are […]

Designing AI Experiences, Google Designer Adrian Zumbrunnen at Awwwards Conference Amsterdam

Mouse to Keyboard to A.I. — A designers journey. Adrian Zumbrunnen is an independent UX Designer and writer, currently design tinkering at Google where he’s worked on products like Google AdWords, Google Maps and most recently Google Assistant and Allo. He talks about designing AI experiences, Machine Learning and Text Technology, at Awwwards Conference Amsterdam. AI should […]

Storage Analysis Report for SharePoint Document Library

Requirement: On a very large document library, We needed to analyze all documents stored, in order to move documents into individual libraries/folders, as this larger library causing latency issues. Let’s use PowerShell script to analyze and generate a report on document library storage information: PowerShell script to generate storage metrics report on SharePoint library: # […]

Color Exploration in Web Design Trends

From exploring the growing trends in visual design, one thing is clear: Color 🌈 has taken centre stage. The visual strength and expressiveness of color ranges has seduced users and even designers themselves, who are using color as a focal design element, highlighting it above other content elements, even above images, which initially have the […]

9 Messaging Apps for Alternative Ways to Chat

Not all text-based messaging comes in the form of a text or iMessage from device to device, there are an increasing number of chat apps that allow users to communicate directly. The thing that separates these apps from more traditional messaging is that many of them allow the user to remain unnamed or the only […]

Grammarly vs Ginger vs JetPack vs Hemingway

Do correct spelling and grammar matter? It’s a subjective topic, isn’t it? I’ve read many articles that say you can forget all the formal writing rules you learned at school when you start blogging. And to a degree, it’s true. But who wants to see mistake after mistake on a page? It looks shoddy and […]

8 Best Clean WordPress Themes For Blogging & Personal Websites

Too much of a good thing can be bad sometimes. Same can be said about WordPress themes. There are thousands of WordPress themes available all over the web through different marketplaces. But, unfortunately, most of them contains poorly written code and horrible designs. These days, finding a great theme in this sea of WordPress themes […]

14 Fantastic Websites You Didn’t Know Were Built with WordPress

It’s not always easy to find out which platform or technology powers a website or an application. WordPress, for instance, has so many great features that it’s hard to imagine all the possibilities it offers. Therefore, in this collection, I’ll show you 14 websites you probably didn’t realize were actually built with WordPress. Let’s get […]