See your Original Design Printed on Curzon Cinema’s Collectable Postcards

Fox Searchlight and London’s premier art-house cinema chain Curzon Soho are inviting emerging artists, illustrators and digital designers to create a collectable movie postcard for upcoming film Stoker starring Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska. They are looking for talented enthusiasts to create an original piece of artwork that captures the dark themes behind the film Stoker. […]

Hide SharePoint 2007 List Toolbar buttons and Menu Items

jQuery code to Hide List toolbar Buttons

Got a requirement to Hide SharePoint toolbar buttons (E.g. “New”, “Upload”), Menu Items (E.g. “Upload Multiple Files”, “Alert Me”) from all document libraries of a SharePoint 2007 site collection. If its is for just a single document library, this can be achieved by wring Javascript-CSS, place it in Content Editor web part to hide the […]

Future of Web Design

The 8th annual Future of Web Design conference is returning to the Brewery in London to bring you the very best in web design. This conference offers huge doses of inspiration from established and rising stars in the web design industry, as well as creative challenges, practical guidance, a rousing attendee party, and relaxed networking […]

a Visual Daily Inspirational Exercise to Explore Shapes and Forms

Geo A Day is a visual project about illustration and design inspired by geometry, a daily exercise to explore shapes and forms from the two great designers Jeremiah Shaw and Danny Jones. In their collaborative Tumblr they fill the site each day with impressive everyday forms in an exercise in inspiration, skill and love of […]

Websites with Unusual Navigation Patterns

Today’s objective is to compile a series of interesting “Unusual Navigation patterns”, many of them quite risky. There’s no reason web narrative should be linear, but it should be intuitive and user-centered, which cannot always be achieved if we experiment too much. But it is necessary to experiment to find new navigation and UI design […]

Presenting the new Awwwards Jury 2013

This is a big week for Awwwards. After yesterday’s announcement of the Site of the Year 2012, today it’s the turn of the new Awwwards jury, whose votes will decide the best 365 sites of the year 2013. More than 600 designers, web developers, art directors, agencies and bloggers from all over the world put […]

Find All Documents Created or Modified by a Particular User in Specific Date Time

Requirement is to find all documents which are uploaded to the SharePoint environment during the past one Month. PowerShell can do the reporting well. Lets see the code: Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue # Set the date Filter $dateFilter = (Get-Date).AddMonths(-1) #Past Month “File, Created Time, File Size” | out-file NewDocuments.csv # Get all Webs $webs […]

a Tasty Project in Vector Illustration

FOOD SKETCHES is an illustration project by Seattle-born illustrator Erin Jang, also an art director & graphic designer living in NYC. In this project, Jang presents us with a series of abstract graphical representations in colorful vector shapes of dishes that she has tasted in different restaurants. The goal is to creatively share her experiences […]