New York, New York. Need we say more? New York is a fabulous, cosmopolitan city with a rich typographic history. We’re hosting Ampersand smack bang in the middle of Manhattan, in the beautiful TimesCenter. Why not spend a long weekend here, with Ampersand as the highlight!

Ampersand is an affordable one-day event for knowledgable web designers and type enthusiasts.

Featuring awesome speakers like:

  • Trent Walton

    Trent Walton

    Trent Walton is founder and 1/3 of Paravel, a custom web design and development shop based out of the Texas Hill Country. In his spare time, Trents writes about what he learns at his blog, and on Twitter. Trent’s wife has put him on a font allowance.

  • Mark Boulton

    Mark Boulton

    Mark Boulton is a web designer and author, and member of the ISTD. He is the founder of Mark Boulton Design, and co-founder of indie publisher Five Simple Steps. Sometimes outspoken, always passionate, Mark is obsessed with applying the fundamentals of good typographic design on the web. Mark lives in South Wales with his wife and daughter, a small collection of neglected bonsai and a guitar he wish he owned when he was 18.

  • Jenn Lukas

    Jenn Lukas

    Jenn Lukas is a web developer working with Happy Cog in Philadelphia. She writes for The Nerdary and has a regular column in .net magazine. When she’s not crafting sites with the finest of web standards, Jenn teaches HTML and CSS for GirlDevelopIt and runs

  • Nick Sherman

    Nick Sherman

    Nick Sherman is a Brooklyn-based typographer working with Font Bureau and Webtype to promote typefaces for print and digital media. Originally from Cape Cod and Boston, he is also a skate­boarder, pizza enthusiast, printer, musician, and classic horror film buff.

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