How to Get Managed Account Password in SharePoint?

get managed account password in sharepoint using powershell

SharePoint Managed accounts feature was introduced in its 2010 version, and of course its a wonderful feature to manage service accounts (I remember those old days.. We used to create a batch file to update password for each and everything in SharePoint 2007!). So, We utilized managed accounts in SharePoint 2013, enabled automatic password change. […]

“This field can have no more than 255 characters.” Error in Multiline Text Columns

this field can have no more than 255 characters

Getting  “This field can have no more than 255 characters.” error on SharePoint Multiple lines of text  columns? Well, the fix is simple, we’ve the property  “Allow Unlimited length in document libraries” on Multiple lines of text fields. Once enabled, technically it can hold content up to 2 GB. We can also set this property […]

SharePoint 2013 Import Spreadsheet Errors and Solutions

internet explorer 32 bit version

Error: The list cannot be imported because a Microsoft SharePoint foundation-compatible spreadsheet application is not installed or is not compatible with your browser. Solution: Use Internet Explorer 32 bit version! How to Open Internet Explorer 32 bit version? Go to start >> Type “Internet Explorer” and pick the “Internet Explorer” link as in this screenshot. […]

Start SharePoint Search Crawl using PowerShell

sharepoint start full crawl, incremental crawl powershell

For some reasons, SharePoint search crawl scheduled didn’t trigger. So I used this PowerShell script and Windows Task scheduler to trigger Incremental crawls. Start SharePoint Search Full/Incremental Crawl using PowerShell: Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue #Get the search service application $SSA = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication -Identity “Search Service Application” #Get the Local SharePoint sites content source $ContentSource = […]

Copy SharePoint List Column Values from One to Another using PowerShell

Copy Column Values from one to another in SharePoint using PowerShell

Requirement: Copy Column Values from One to Another in SharePoint How to copy column value to another column in SharePoint? In some situations, we may have to copy SharePoint list column values from one column to another. Say, for E.g. OOTB column doesn’t provide a way to enter more than 255 characters in Multiple Lines […]

How to upload a List Template in SharePoint using PowerShell?

how to upload list template in sharepoint 2013 using powershell

Requirement: Upload a custom list template to specific site collections in a web application. While upload a list template using from SharePoint web interface is simple, wanted to automate this process as its repeating for multiple site collections. PowerShell to upload list template in SharePoint: Here is the PowerShell script to upload custom list template […]

How to Add your SharePoint Library to “Favorites” in Windows?

Add SharePoint folder to Favorites

Here is a nifty trick to add your SharePoint library under “Favorites” section. Open your SharePoint library in Explorer view. Right-click on “Favorites” and choose “Add current location to favorites” Alternatively, you can just drag and drop the folder icon from the address bar to Favorites. This will add the current document library to the […]

Find SharePoint Site Column Usage – Report

sharepoint find site column usage

When trying to delete a SharePoint site column, it gave me an alert saying “Site columns which are included in content types cannot be deleted. Remove all references to this site column prior to deleting it.”  Alright, Lets use PowerShell to find what lists or content types are using a particular site column, before deleting […]

Usage and Health Data Collection Proxy Stopped in SharePoint 2013

Usage and Health Data Collection Proxy Stopped in SharePoint 2013

Problem: Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application collects Data for Health Monitoring and usage Analytics Service. We found the Usage and Health Data Collection Proxy status in “Stopped” state, after deploying SharePoint 2013 to a new environment, from: Central Administration >> Application Management  Manage Service Applications Page Solution: If you see Usage and Health […]