Server Status Remains “Upgrade Available” Even After Installing the Latest Patches

SharePoint Central Admin Server Status

Recently, We patched one of our SharePoint 2013 environment and ran SharePoint products configuration wizard without any issues. However, we noticed that the server status is still in “Upgrade Available” for SharePoint application & Web front end server from Central Administration > System Settings > Manage servers in this farm page. Ideally the server status […]

Delete List Template in SharePoint using PowerShell

delete list template in sharepoint

Requirement:  Delete a list template in SharePoint How to delete a list template SharePoint? To remove a list template in SharePoint, Login to your SharePoint site collection (List templates are scoped at site collection level) >> Click on Settings >> Site Settings On the “Site Settings” page, click on “List Templates” under Web Designer Galleries […]

SharePoint Number Column without Commas

sharepoint format number column without comma

Problem: SharePoint Number columns shows, (comma) in View/Display Forms. There are specific numeric columns, User wanted to display without commas. There is no direct way to remove comma/avoid thousand separators in SharePoint Number fields, But the below tricks help to get SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 number column values without commas. Solutions: Here are some solutions to show […]

Get All SharePoint Site Collection Owners (Primary/Secondary Site Collection Administrators)

Requirement is to find out owners of each SharePoint site collection in the environment.We needed this data to get approvals on critical changes and to inform site owners prior to maintenance windows. Simple! Use STSADM command:On SharePoint 2007 and above, STSADM command can be used to get primary owner details of site collections:Syntax:stsadm -0 enumsites […]

Find Who has Created / Modified a SharePoint View

Ever wondered how to find the user who has created or modified a particular SharePoint view? and when it was created/modified? Well, There is no SharePoint UI to get these information! But using SharePoint object model, we can retrieve these data programmatically from SPFile object’s properties. Here is how I retrieved “Created By”, “Created On”, […]

Copy Files to SharePoint Servers Remotely using PowerShell

Requirement:During a branding project, We had to deploy a logo file every time to all SharePoint servers by individually logging in to them and copy pasting given file to all SharePoint 2013 server’s 15 hive. Wanted to do a bit automation with PowerShell here. Let the PowerShell do Copy-Paste for us. PowerShell script to copy […]

Exclude a Column from SharePoint Search Crawl

exclude column from sharepoint search

Requirement:  Exclude a column from SharePoint search.By default, the SharePoint search engine craws and indexes all documents and their associated metadata properties from lists and libraries. In our case, We keep few fields for configuration in a custom SharePoint application and don’t want those fields to appear in SharePoint Search results. This is applicable only […]

How to Add New List Item in SharePoint using PowerShell?

add sharepoint list items using powershell

My PowerShell scripts to add list item in SharePoint: Add SharePoint list items using PowerShell The syntax to add new list item in SharePoint using PowerShell, goes like this #Get Web and List Objects $Web = Get-SPWeb “” $List = $Web.Lists[“ListName”] #Create a new item $NewItem = $List.AddItem() #Set Column values $NewItem[“ColumnName”] = “Field Value […]

Import XML File Data into SharePoint List using PowerShell

powershell import xml to sharepoint list

Requirement: PowerShell to Import XML to SharePoint List We have a utility from a third-party system that generates project data in XML format. We had to import those data to a list in the PMO site. In other words: We’ve to import from XML file to SharePoint list. Here is a sample XML file, generated […]