Talk: Creative Director of Hello Monday, Jeppe Aaen

Creative Director at Hello Monday Jeppe Aaen joined us on day 2 of Awwwards Conference Berlin to discuss making the YouTube Kids App, working with Google, coping with a growing agency, and how always saying yes, means slowly losing the power to shape your own creative destiny. When you always have […]

Design Canada wins April 2018 Site of the Month

Locomotive developed Design Canada website, in collaboration with Greg Durrell, to support Design Canada Documentary. A complementary online experience to the film that reveals what the documentary is all about; the history of design in Canada presented through featured designers and animated iconic work that made their marks throughout the years. It allows Design Canada […]

Case Study: 50 Years of Charts

D ONE Solutions were approached by the Swiss Radio and Television company (SRF) to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of one of its most successful popular music shows. When D ONE Solutions, who specialize in analyzing large amounts of data and visualizing the outcome, dived into the many songs and charts, they realized that the […]

Minecraft Design Director Tobias Ahlin talks UI and New Technologies.

We caught up with the Experience Design Director at Mojang Tobias Ahlin after his talk at Awwwards Berlin to discuss his UI based tasks at Minecraft, teaching at HyperIsland, and the interplay between new technologies, like AI and Automation, and politics. On a daily basis I try to figure out […]

Talk: Creative Director at Microsoft, Claudio Guglieri: Making Technology More Natural

Discover what’s inspiring the team at Microsoft to develop technology that’s more accessible, easier to digest and closer to our understanding of the world with this insightful talk from Claudio Guglieri, Creative Director at Fluent Design. I would like to walk you through three different examples that have inspired the team to actually bridge […]

Case Study: Xavier Cussó Portfolio

Hi! This is Developer Christian MacMillan and Designer Xavier Cussó. We met in Barcelona while working for the same design shop, and had the chance to get to know each other professionally while working together on quite a few digital projects. We both realized we needed more room to experiment with new ideas, to get […]

The Wandering Designer: Cambodia, a growing market

This is the second article from a series of articles discovering web design across the globe, by Matteo Rostagno, Interaction Designer and Jury member. Here you can read about the start of his journey, where we learnt about the web design scene in India. My second stop in this journey of meeting different digital realities […]

Talk: Joël van Bodegraven – Designing Anticipated User Experiences

Joël  van Bodegraven currently works as Product Designer at TravelBird, is the founder of the Anticipatory Design Foundation and Movement and has carried out research on machine learning-based predictive experiences and anticipatory design. For his Masters Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island, Joel researched within the field of design and the ethical challenges we face […]