Nike Reactor wins Site of the Month May

Site of the Month May has been won by DPDK for their 3D WebGL experience that shows us what the new Nike Reactor feel like. Thanks for getting involved in the voting process and spreading the word, the winner of the year’s Pro Plan in the awwwards Directory can be found at the end of […]

Case Study: Outrider Bomb Blast

Bluecadet worked with the Outrider Foundation on branding, editorial strategies, and product development to establish them as a leading voice for global change. By establishing an early strategic partnership, Bluecadet was able to build the site from the ground up and help Outrider understand what their website should look like based on their mission. The […]

Three.js & Video: A love story

As a front end web developer and filmmaking aficionado, Héctor Monerris is always thinking about the way to mix both worlds. He’s written us a case study about WebGL realtime rendering onto a Video, looking into a little experiment he made using Three.js and video: THE BOXES by Nerris – Three.js, video and tracking data […]

35 Best Narrow and Condensed Fonts (Free & Premium)

In need of a sleek and elegant font for your next project? A condensed font could be just what you need.  Narrow and condensed fonts are a great choice for a wide range of projects from posters to merchandise. They are modern and classy and great for creating eye-catching headers and logos.  In this article, […]

Talk: Slack Senior Product Designer, Diógenes Brito

Diógenes Brito – Senior Product Designer at Slack, formerly Design Engineer at Squarespace and UX Designer at LinkedIn, shares his experience of how designers can change their teams into super teams by empowering them to make better decisions, faster, at our conference for UX designers and digital creatives in San Francisco this May. […]

Case Study: Simplxr by Stuurmen

Create us a modern, sharp website, one that expresses our DNA like no other – was the initial request from simplxr. We believe that behind every cool website there’s a strong brand, where the internal and external branding blend seamlessly together. One of the challenges here was to achieve an experience that connects with potential […]