Datasheet view is now called “Quick Edit” in SharePoint 2013. It provides a nice flexible Excel-like editor to bulk edit, copy-paste list items and metadata. Similar to a spreadsheet you can create, change and delete items in the grid. As with the new name, quick edit brought many new features in SharePoint 2013, such as:

  1. You can Edit Managed Metadata columns (Still Rich text columns are not editable in Quick Edit! content type change can’t be done from quick edit!!)
  2. It works just fine in other browsers (I tested with Firefox and Chrome), where SharePoint 2010 Datasheet view was working ONLY with the Internet Explorer 32-bit version.
  3.  No more Active-X control dependencies. Quick edit doesn’t need Office access run time engine now!
  4. It supports Filters now! Remember the pain of losing filters on datasheet views in those old days?

You can launch quick edit mode either from the “Quick Edit” button in List Tab or clicking the “Edit” link as in the below screen.

quick edit not working in sharepoint 2013

Quick edit is not working in SharePoint 2013?

In my SharePoint environment, few users having trouble with quick edit. Found Quick Edit button on the “List” tab is disabled (grayed out) with an error message “This control is currently disabled” and “Edit” link missing! How to enable quick edit in SharePoint 2013?

sharepoint 2013 quick edit not working

Here is my check list to troubleshoot quick edit not working issue:

  1. Check Quick Edit is Enabled: To enable/disable quick edit in SharePoint 2013, you need to navigate to: List Settings >> Advanced settings page >> Scroll down and Under quick edit option,  choose “Yes” and then click OK.
    sharepoint 2013 list quick edit disabled
  2. Remove the Group By: If you have grouping enabled in your Views, You got to remove it! If you group list or library items in SharePoint 2013, the quick edit (Datasheet View) option is disabled. Remove “Group By” selection by setting it to none.
  3. Change the View style to default: Changing view style to “Shaded”, “Newsletter” or something else disables Quick Edit. Change it to “default” in view settings.
  4. Enable “Allow individual item” check boxes: In view settings make sure, “Allow Individual Items Checkboxes” is enabled.    sharepoint 2013 quick edit this control is currently disabled
  5. If you are in datasheet view already- If your current view is “Datasheet view” then quick edit is disabled (obviously!). 
  6. SharePoint View definition XML uses an attribute “<JSLink>clienttemplates.js</JSLink>”. During migration, I had to add this to an existing view using SharePoint designer and verified Quick Edit works as expected.
  7. Test it in another browser, it could be a browser-related issue.
  8. Calculated columns won’t work in a quick edit.
  9. If you have multiple lines of the text field, make sure it’s set to plain text.
  10. Last but not least: Try creating a new view using “Standard View” and check if Quick edit works.

Quick edit is not performing well with large lists. You may get an “Unable to communicate with server” error and slowness when dealing with large lists. Apply filters to mitigate that issue.

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