How Azure can transform your business

How Azure can transform your business, How Azure can transform your business

Now the cool part about Azure is not just the ability to save money or the ability to do new services. You’ve never done it before but the cool part is the ability How Azure can transform your business to use the cloud to introduce services. And to introduce new lines of revenue that you never would have thought of before.

What is Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a private and public cloud platform you may be familiar with the Azure services that developers and IT professionals. Use to build deploy and manage applications but how does it work Azure uses a technology known as virtualization.

How Azure can transform your business, How Azure can transform your business

Virtualization separates the tight coupling between a computer CPU and its operating system using an abstraction layer called a hypervisor. The hypervisor emulates all the functions of a real computer and its CPU in a virtual machine. It can run multiple virtual machines at the same time and each virtual machine can run any compatible operating system.

Such as windows or Linux Azure takes this virtualization technology and repeats it on a massive scale in Microsoft data centers throughout the world. Each data center has many racks filled with servers each server includes a hypervisor to run multiple virtual machines. And networks which provide connectivity to the servers one server in each rack runs a special piece of software called a fabric controller.

Each fabric controller is connected to another special piece of software known as the orchestrator is responsible for managing everything that happens in Azure. Including responding to user requests users make requests using the orchestrator’s Web API. The web API can be called by many tools including the user interface of the Azure portal. When a user makes a request to create a virtual machine the orchestrator packages everything that’s needed


Launching a Mobile app to engage Customers

So there’s one example Fresh Direct is an online grocer it’s a small business! Maybe about 3000 employees and it’s an online grocer. That sells food but what they wanted to do was they wanted to engage their customers and.

So what they decided to do was build a mobile app and they use Microsoft Azure mobile services to very quickly stand up a mobile app. That is giving that’s able to be used by pretty much any of their mobile users. Whether you’re on an iPhone or an Android device or a Microsoft device. They were able to increase the engagement with their customers through that mobile app and in turn increase their revenue.

Increase Revenue

So Microsoft Azure produced the new revenue stream. That they otherwise would have never had by using mobile services to engage their customers. You know to expand the way that they produce revenue.

Scaled Out High Performing Computing

So another example of how Microsoft Azure can transform your business. There is a city! I believe it’s called the city of hope. I believe this is a city in California and they are they need to perform medical research. The medical research that they perform is very compute-intensive.

Significantly Decrease Data Center Costs

So there’s a lot of necessary computing resources they have these big data centers with a lot of servers. So that they can do their medical research well. What they were able to do with Microsoft Azure is when the resources that they need are beyond the capacity of what they have in their data center.

How Azure can transform your business, How Azure can transform your business

They can scale out those services compute services to Microsoft Azure and by doing that they significantly reduced the cost. They had to maintain their data center they started to retire services in their data center. Because they were able to successfully move those services over to Microsoft Azure.

Rather than having them running their own specific data center. So those are just two examples, so there are countless ways that Microsoft Azure can decrease your cost increase your productivity, and transform your business.

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