In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center

In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center, In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center

There are many features in Office 365 Admin Center But in this particular article. We just discussed some top and necessary features. Here I will tell you an In-Depth Guide to the Office 365 Admin Center.

In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center, In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center

Our Vision

We want to empower you to make informed decisions and make, you the hero for your organization. New features, such as channel management robotics keep. And was doing office will help you increase your end-user satisfaction and productivity.

In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center, In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center

By easily managing devices on a monthly cadence! and providing you with effective controls and actionable insights were also investigating ways to accelerate issue resolution.

Channel Management

let’s talk Let’s talk about general management first updated. They know, control how often Microsoft 365 apps are updated with new features quality, and security updates! as well as bug fixes customers on monthly update credential report higher end-user satisfaction.

 Therefore, we made it so difficult for new tenants and recommend you to switch to the credential. If you need more predictability through you can use the Mac enterprise channel which provides. You with a more controlled and flexible release experience the Microsoft 365 admin center. 

In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center, In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center

That said let’s explore some new features! where buildings enable that experience for you beginning from! The left-hand navigation menu of the Microsoft 365 column instead.

You can navigate to the official selection options panel through both the settings in the setup entry points the street. We’re looking at now is the office installation options panel within the Microsoft 365 administrator.

Current Channel

You have credentials this is that generally recommended for small and medium businesses! as well as educational institutions. We make this recommendation because your devices on correctional will receive feature updates. As soon as they’re available providing the most to date features for your in users.

Monthly enterprise channel:

If you want few updates in a more predictable update schedule much better price channel is a great alternative device! on these two receive feature updates once a month on the second Tuesday of the month because of this. You users on Mount enterprise generally enjoy frequent feature updates.

Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel

while maintaining a predictable cadence finally the third option is my annual enterprise. Channel devices on which generally receive feature updates twice a year. This channel is only for select devices.

I would like to encourage you to switch to a monthly cadence! give you end-users an optimal experience with Microsoft 365 apps.

Role Back and Skip Office Version

Introducing here us keypad rollback once you’ve selected Manchester! Two specific controls we are introducing. Here is our scraping rollback Once you’ve selected the monthly price channel insert your selection.

In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center, In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center

To devices will begin receiving video updates on the second Tuesday of every month as a reminder. That your selection in the admin center only applies to devices with no admin policy overrides.

Installation Option

For example, if you were using group policy to choose. how your users get featured. This election in-office installation option will not apply. You’ll notice at the top there’s a version management option.

It explored that further when you click on version management. You’ll notice the In management, you notice the map appears here you can select the Microsoft twisted fat version.

You’re currently on which is version 20 or 4 along with your previous and next versions. If you click on the version number! you can see the release notes for that version! you may also notice that there’s an option to skip your next update.

In the case of holiday taxes at other critical times! you may want to involve the disruption of an update in that case. You can take advantage of this option through a mystical closer look at this Cape feature.

In-Depth Guide to the Office 365 Admin Center. When you choose to skip your incoming when you choose to skip your upcoming Microsoft 365 apps update.

In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center, In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center

Version Management

You have two options you can stay on your credit version or only get security updates. For one additional month once you set your selection! you’ll receive a confirmation that your selection will be effective within 12 hours.

Users can continue working during a critical time without having to worry about this month of data disrupting their work. Now that we’re back to the map we can see that I’ve successfully skipped the next update. That was scheduled for July 14th.

If you change your mind you can cancel this keep operation at any time. In that case, you’ll get a confirmation screen. That tells you which of his version you devices are going to receive.

Anywhere once you save your selection! you’ll receive a confirmation that your skip has been canceled. Now let’s move on to another situation in this case. I notice my users are having issues with the latest update! what if this program you have the option to work back to the Microsoft 365 apps version.

My devices were previously running on this screen you can choose to work back to your previous version 

Additionally, if your previous version is still supported. You can also choose to get security updates for one additional month. Once you’ve saved your selection you’re still a confirmation that! your back has been scheduled and devices will be notified within 12 hours.

listen to fight your devices will move to the next version the next time. They check for office updates similar to! When you cancel your skin! You can decide at any time to move to the latest version available under God’s permission screen.

You can see the devices are going to move from version 20 or three to version 04 once. I set your selection, you receive a confirmation! that the move to the latest version has been scheduled finally.

You can combine the rollback and skip features depending on your specific needs! on this screen, you can also see that the office versions are hot links.

What’s new in Office

The office was in public preview in November 2019 and was made broadly available in February 2020. How to manage lots of new messages for office updates in Microsoft administrator.

It’s an experience that allows you to manage your end users’ experience with office features. Announcement of this feature gives you more control. Over your users as experience especially the official information available to end-users.

In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center, In-Depth Guide of Office 365 Admin Center

Enough the console allows you to manage new feature communication! and end-user education for the organization and take control. When your enthusiast learns about new features enough! which gives you the time to train them. It also gives you visibility into the content shown to your end-users for each version before the release.


You can see the list of features per office version They know and know which applications. You can also learn more about the feature by clicking on it and reading the description on the fly-out pages. And filter the result list by regional application status you can select hide and show single and multiple features.

This functionality is available for a subset of officer two platform word Excel PowerPoint. Outlook access Visio and project there are multiple entry points to manage. What’s doing office messages like! to the home search bar to home court and watch tuna fish center in the AC settings.

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