Learn how to use typography to create better aesthetic experiences, improve readability and give content on the Web even more clarity. Developed with web designers and developers in mind, this workshop will take you through a combination of presentations and hands-on exercises that will cover the essentials for creating robust typographical experiences which you will be able to apply out in the real world.


An understanding of the challenges (and possibilities) presented by the wide range of browsers and devices being used to access the Web.

  • Topics include

    • Selecting and combining typefaces
    • Designing body copy, headings and editorial elements
    • Establishing and preserving a vertical rhythm
    • Making and breaking the grid
    • Designing tables
    • Detail in typography
    • New possibilities with CSS3
    • Responsive Web Typography
  • Is this workshop for you?

    This workshop is aimed at Web designers and developers who possess basic to intermediate skills in modern (responsive) Web design and typography.

  • You are a perfect candidate for this workshop if…

    • You have developed your skills in responsive Web design
    • You understand the importance of typography for cross-platform brand experiences
    • You recognize well set typography, and want to learn how to properly typeset screen typography.
  • You will learn how to

    • Properly typeset text for international audiences
    • Use suitable non-alphabet symbols to improve text
    • Select an appropriate typeface for a project
    • Design from content and typography out
    • Create a page hierarchy and structure
    • Handle variable information densities on different screens
    • Apply CSS rules for improved legibility and for easier text navigation
    • Add a touch of flair to your designs.

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