Augmented reality combines human and computer vision to perceive the world as a scene and to see the elements within. The convergence of mobile devices allows new AR technologies to evolve and become more useful in all industries. Augmented reality applications can identify objects and provide new solution many areas such as booking and weather forecast. Augmented reality has been around for many years but only recently developed to run on a web browser. Augmented reality apps that require camera access must use HTTPS connection to grant camera access. There are 4 types of augmented realities available, such as markerless AR, marker-based AR, projection-based AR and superimposition-based AR. In this project it was more beneficial to use marker-based augmented reality as it is better to develop and configure. Markers are used to provide interface between AR and real world. When a marker is detected by a camera, it allows to place a virtual object on it such as a virtual cannon.