Requirement: Restore deleted files from the Preservation Hold Library.

SharePoint Online: How to Recover Deleted Items from Preservation Hold Library?

The Preservation Hold Library in SharePoint Online and OneDrive preserves files that are edited or deleted to ensure there is no loss of data through accidental or willful deletion or editing of items that are under a Preservation Hold through retention policy, In-place hold, or eDiscovery. Sometimes, when items are deleted even from the recycle bin, and you can recover those deleted files from the preservation hold library.

To restore deleted files from the preservation hold library, do the following:

  • Login to the site collection where you want to restore files from “Preservation hold library” as a site collection administrator (Important: preservation hold library is visible only to site collection administrators).
  • Click on Settings gear >> Site contents
  • On the Site contents page, click on “Preservation Hold Library.” This library will be created after the first time the content has been modified or deleted. (Direct URL: https://<your-domain><your-site>/PreservationHoldLibrary/Forms/AllItems.aspx) restore files from preservation hold library
  • This library contains all edited and deleted items. Select the deleted file based on the file name and time-stamp values. Click on the “Copy to” button in the ribbon to copy the selected file to the desired library.
    recover items from preservation hold library

Items in the preservation hold library are sent to the second-stage recycle bin automatically after the retention period (In my setup, it’s 10 years!). Here is another post on creating a retention policy for SharePoint Online sites: How to Create a Retention Policy to Preserve Deleted Items in SharePoint Online?

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