On day two of Awwwards Amsterdam, Greg Barth’s talk “Do It Yourself, Design, Taking Risks, Experimenting, Behind the Scenes” was like a shot of espresso direct to the vein! Watch as he explains his 30 steps to success and how he emulates CGI with 3D printing and stop motion to create surreal, art driven narratives.

I’m a graphic designer / typographer turned motion designer, turned CG artist / stop motion animator, turned artist and director!

The Geneva born art director’s unique style and relentless attention to detail has won him campaigns for McDonald’s, ESPN, Subway and L’Oreal. His film ‘Child of the 90s’ for Microsoft enjoyed viral fame, gaining nearly 50 million views on YouTube.

To keep up-to-date with his weird and wonderful creations follow him here @gregbarthdottv

Check out his other work here

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