Hello, welcome to this article! let’s get a general overview of the Top 10 useful SharePoint Features for businesses. Microsoft SharePoint is an online platform spread among small and large companies. It creates common online intranet page collecting news documents resources and lists to edit.

And share between people and groups within your organization or external.

It allows to have deep control on sensitive information. And communication advanced file versioning and knowledge sharing through blogs and notebooks SharePoint;

Avoid spaces in SharePoint list name

I will show you how to create a SharePoint list without having space between the name! So from the setting gear button. I went to site content and then from the side content there. You can see all the libraries listed here from the new menu.

I will select a list take me to the listed farm where you can create the list you just give the list a name at this point I will not put any spaces between the names of the list so I will just say supplier Contacts for instance so without space another hit create and that will create a list for me and the schema name will be a supplier contact out any space.

Update SharePoint list name and description

If we have a list name without a space to keep the URL clean. We can always go back and change the list display name from the setting button again. When you are in the list you go to the list setting link and then from the general setting.

First link list name description update link! So here you can see the name of the list without space. You can just put a space in there and click save. Now you can see the Spire contact list have space in between them.

Add new column in SharePoint List

So you on the list you can see you can create many different columns. I will just quickly create a choice column for instance. They give you a name given choices and hit save you create a choice column.

You can add another column for instance you can guide a date column to click on date choice. Then you put update active as type is DateTime and then it said. I will go ahead and create one more choice column this time. I can put some choices there but this will use later on when we create views this will help us.


Add, edit and delete SharePoint list records

To create a new record you click on the new button on the list. So it will open up a form you have to fill the information in the form and once you are happy with the information. You can just hit save that will create a new record so.

I will just repeat this step few times and create few records with different locations and different Sprite types. I’m just getting that all record now and quickly I will just get that done snuggled 3 records. So now you can select the record and then you can see from the top menu you can click on edit button.

This is how you can add a row record so let’s say for instance for this record. I want to change location to Canada and then it saved so once you saved you can see the location is updated. Now the total questions delete are pitching again you selected and you hit delete button and it will delete the record from the list.

SharePoint List records sorting

You can sort on the fly for the data relevant data you need. You on the list and from the top you can see the menu and then any of the columns. If you dropped, you can see the ascending descending order it depends on the type because of the choice column. Top 10 useful SharePoint Features for businesses

So you can do it in ascending or descending order if a move on to date column you can see older to newer. For new to order sorting order so you can sort in that order one is 6 number list records filtering. So again from the header, you can just click on one of the add a column and then you can see filter by option there.

This will give you a menu to filter so you can select a required location in this example and then it’ll give you only a filtered option for that location. You can go back and unselect and clear all which one sees everything else is miss record cooking.

SharePoint list records grouping 

SharePoint list records grouping is a very important feature in SharePoint, You can go from the menu and see group by location so call a menu. You can just select a group location and we just group everything by the particular location. You can see nice and easy viewport location goodbye and you can just refresh the page stays there. But if you go back to the supplier contact list from less safe the side menu you will lose that girl is just done on the fly. Top 10 useful SharePoint Features for businesses

 Save filtered SharePoint list as the new view

If you create a filter on the fly this is a trick you can save that as a view. So if I filter by location Canada and now I’m seeing only Canada locations. I can go ahead and filter by am Canada and save this as a new view so save the USA.

I’ll just call it Canada Spires and then hit save and now you will see that I have Canada Spire view UK supplier view and all item view available to use this is a nice feature then go back to Canada yeah.

SharePoint list row formatting

Row styling so is a very basic feature really but it gives you good formatting of the list rose. If I click on format current view from the dropdown menu and click on ma’ edit your style. You can see that set order even Rosa different color scheme you can give it a different color scheme. I’m just selecting blue color now and it says you can see that the row color scheme has changed for an alternative rose which is handy to help.

Edit SharePoint list records in bulk 

You can click on the quick add it on the menu and just make the changes. Required changes to the list items multiple items you can change a single time and once you’re done. You can just click on the exit quick edit from the menu again. It will just save all the changes into the list so you can Bulk editing here.

SharePoint list tabular view

 If I go to UK supplier view for instance and I can select multiple entries here and do delete or do other operations. If you don’t want to edit the current view in this case you conspire view and Scroll down. Then you can see a tabular view option here if you unselect this one allows individual item checkbox. And hit save what this will do is you won’t be able to select multiple records and do operations on them. You will be only able to select a single record and perform editing or deleting as well.

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