Top 5 Best Microsoft Office 365 New Features

Top 5 Best Microsoft Office 365 New Features, Top 5 Best Microsoft Office 365 New Features

This year Microsoft released ! a lot of new tools and features for us to be using on this month’s tips and tricks. I want to showcase five of those great tools that have helped us throughout 2021 let’s go. I hope Top 5 Best Microsoft Office 365 New Features were helpful for you.

Get creative with 3D Models:

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint support inserting 3D models directly into your documents workbooks, and presentations. To illustrate a point insert 3D models from the insert tab scroll through select your model and click insert.

You can rotate models 360 degrees or tilt up and down to show a specific feature of an object 3D models can be resized and formatted much like any other object using the contextual ribbons.

 PowerPoint slideshow narration tool:

PowerPoint slideshow narration tool uses this tool click on slideshow. And then the record slideshow dropped out in the slideshow narration tool. You’ll be able to start and stop recording even pause recording your narrations and you can decide whether or not.

You want to record voice and video for your slide presentations you can also do pin annotations. It will record any highlights or pin markings that you make on your slide deck once you’ve finished recording you simply click stop and it will have saved that recording for you.

Break the language barrier

no matter what language you speak most of the world speaks a different one the translate feature in office 2019 is available for word Excel and PowerPoint just go to the review tab and select to translate the entire document or a selection and click translates.

Find what you’re looking for with zoom:

If you’d like to make your presentations more dynamic and exciting try using zoom for PowerPoint click the zoom dropdown and select slide zoom we’re going to select slide 6 and add it to our slide we can resize the thumbnail if required now when we click slideshow and click on our thumbnail.

It will zoom directly to that slide Alternatively from the insert ribbon we can select zoom and some resume this will allow us to select multiple slides I’m going to select slide 678 and nine and click insert it will create a summary page with our thumbnails I’m going to add a quick title and then when I run my slideshow I can click on any of the thumbnails to zoom to that particular slide. Top 5 Best Microsoft Office 365 New Features

Microsoft Teams the MVP of 2020:

Microsoft teams the MVP of 2020 ! I want to call out a specific feature that was rolled out for our meetings and like the mute, all participants feature this feature has helped us not have to listen to our coworkers.

As they settle into a meeting late as a meeting organizer you can click on the participants and you will see the option to mute all it will ask you if you are sure and then you can click mute.

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