I have got a new release wave for the power platform and dynamics 365 waves 2021. All the new features are coming up between April and September 2021. Here are my Top 5 New release features of Dynamics365. I hope that’s will useful for you.

Dynamics365 Sales: Pipeline manager workspace

I was buzzing when I read this in the release dates pipeline manager workspace in dynamics 365 sales this is the whole reimagining of the seller experience.

Sales manager experience this is the seller experience they will have a dashboard with their KP eyes of what they most need. They will have beautiful charts and most importantly no more than one Click to get into taking action on something.

So this comes now in the interface with and you sort of pop upside panel knew editable grid functionality. So where sellers at the moment have to kind of look at their opportunities all in a list click-through open. The record at it and say no more of that it’s just going to be like a pop-up in context. So that you’re working from a dashboard and popping things up on the side this is amazing.

We all know that seller’s favorite activity is not sitting down in front of the CRM and entering data. So things that make a more intuitive and enjoyable. And easy experience kind of pretty much always hit number one for me. This one new workspace for sellers but with it. A heap of other functionality in pop-up side panels and editable grids will take that whole platform even further.

Customer service: Omnichannel Voice

customer service is huge this was announced at Ignite in September 2020. In the Customer service app, you can have Omnichannel customer service. This means you can interact with your customers across their channel of choice you know on the same platform. But you still needed to have a third-party integration for a voice for a telephony system. Now you don’t this is going into general availability in this relief release wave.

So pretty unique offering here! I think this is now an all-in-one ability to have a single solution for omnichannel customer service. Without the need to go out and have a telephony provider and it’s powered by Azure same thing that’s sitting underneath all of the callings in Microsoft Teams. So solid stuff going on there also brings with its a heap of intelligence capability. Select call intelligence sentiment analysis on the calls.

Dynamics 365 sales seller APIs and management dashboards:

Now i’m going to give you a little precursor hintere as to what might be known my number one but my overall number one most exciting thing about this new releases what’s going on with dynamics 365 sales seriously good kind of enhancements and innovation going on in that CRM space which.

 I think just going to make it an amazing and amazing product to work with this year this is about making sure that the sales manager has a really good oversight on what’s going on they can get things like the number of calls the number of activities you can set KP eyes for the sellers and get real time KP eyes back so that in a reporting at the moment.

We’ve just got the standard you know the dynamics charts and things which are you know fine for the basics yes you can bring power behind there but someone has to build that and do that this will be an out of the box space that gives you kind of the ability to from that sales manager type dashboard with all the metrics they need super important I was a sales manager in a previous incarnation super important to have that stuff at your fingertips and very happy to see that going to interrupt to my little sales train of thought.

Power apps model-driven apps ads in App notification:

power apps model-driven apps so remember anything you see from the model-driven app also applies to dynamics 365 so if you’re a dynamics 365 user or you’re looking at that make sure you also read the power apps section of the release notes because frankly pretty much the whole power apps section of the release notes is model-driven apps this time around which means all those features are part of dynamics 365 as well this one has like a little toast will pop up notification.

That comes up that says the account has been changed or those kinds of things so again something that a lot of people want to know about will I get notified if something changes or whatever so those in-app notifications rather than having to create workflows and tasks and things to be notified about that.

Dynamics 365 marketing: Author Dynamic content with a point and click interference:

 If you haven’t looked at marketing completely fully integrated piece with sales on the same platform it’s not a separate marketing piece where you have to move your data around your Contacts and accounts are the same contact and account records used in the marketing apps are fully connected experience couple things coming in the marketing app which are making it easier for you to create really highly personalized contact content which is so important right now this one in particular again another ask.

I’ve heard a lot of I’m loving this releases all these things that people have been asking for it I get to talk about them coming it’s amazing you can author dynamic content with appointing click interface so dynamic content say in an email you want an image a different image based on the gender or the location of the person that you’re sending it to do that at the moment requires getting into some code in the HTML now you can do it with a designer best of all you can leverage data that’s in your Microsoft out of this database from entities other than the contact So what if you’ve got in there remember the same platform you’ll be able to use that for that kind of conditional advanced dynamic content in the marketing app.

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