Top 5 tricks to make your affiliate business grow in 2019

21st May 2019 - Affiliate Marketing
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Top 5 tricks to make your affiliate business grow in 2019

Brand Building

Brand building is much more than just a logo or an advert. As a starting off affiliate marketer you won’t have a big budget to pay advertisement companies to promote your brand. 

What do you need for brand?

Logo is something that your business can be identified by, it is also the visual representation of your niche.

Every brand needs to have a website. The reason for that is online presence. Most online traffic goes through websites and in order for your brand to gain publicity, it needs to have a website that people can come and visit.

Social media is a perfect tool to leverage traffic to your website. The more followers you have the higher the potential of your website being visited by people.

SEO Optimisiation

SEO (Search engine Optimisation) is a technique to make your website climb up the rank ladders of search engines. The more relevant keywords your website has the higher the chance that search engines will rank your website higher. Too many keywords will result you scoring lower than your competitors.  Web pages or blog posts also have to be descriptive enough for them to get indexed. 

Link Building

Link building is an art of getting links from high authority websites back to your, allowing you to score higher in search engines and increasing traffic. As a beginner affiliate marketer you should look into high authority PBN(private blog networks) to attract more people to your website. I suggest you not buying links from unreputable sellers on the internet. Quite often spam PBN links can result you getting banned from Google.

Social Media

Social media is yet another great tool to advertise your website or blog. Social media such as Instagram and Facebook can easily double the amount of traffic your get on your website. It is important to make sure that your website looks trustworthy and converts visitors to your mail list.  It is advised to use facebook, Instagram and Youtube to advertise your niche.

Affiliate Programs

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there to take advantage of. Amazon pays you up to 20% commision per product you have recommended your visitors to buy. In addition to that, within 24 hours of the visitor clicking on the link and if they buy anything else from amazon, you will receive bounty on that as well. To check out our affiliate programs list, register here

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