Organizations that need to fuel business development ought to consider Microsoft’s computerized change arrangements. A portion of the world’s greatest brands, from Starbucks to Maersk, is utilizing Microsoft items to help change their organizations. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to Transforming businesses with Azure Data Factories and Data Lake.

Data factory

Today we’re going to talk about another important as your service as your data factory. Now, why should you be interested in a data factory? Now let’s consider a scenario, so here we have two colleagues having a conversation with each other.

They say that the data that they’re generating from their applications of products is increasing exponentially. Now considering that this data is coming from several different products. Will be a bit of a task to analyze and store all of this data. So he wonders how they’re going to manage that his friend suggests that they use Azure data factory! now, what does the Azure data factory do?

Stores Data

First, it stores data with the help of Data Lake storage. Now any kind of data can be stored in the data Lake storage. Then you can analyze the data you can transform the data with the help of pipelines. You can publish the organized data! you can visualize the data with third-party applications like Apache spark or a dupe as well.

 What exactly is a data factory

So now let’s have a look at what exactly is a data factory! no data factory falls under the identity domain of services in the Azure catalog and is a cloud-based integration service. Basically what it does is it works on your data it stores your data it orchestrates and automates the movement or transformation of data. It works heavily on the data that you store.

Input data set

Now let’s see how it works or how the flow of its processes is first. We have the input data set which is nothing but the data that you have within your data store. The one that you need processing then you pass this data through a pipeline.

Transforming businesses with Azure Data Factories and Data Lake


Now, what does the pipeline do a pipeline operates on the data that transforms. It could be anything from just.

Output data set

Now after this is done you get this output data set will contain data that is in a structured form because it’s already been transformed and made structured in the pipeline stage.

link services

Then it is given into link services like Azure data Lake block storage or SQL What it does is store information that is very important When it comes to connecting to an external source now is you know.

If you wanted an example you know how in SQL Server you need to mention the source and destination of your data now, for example, considering SQL Server so you need a connection string so that you can connect to an external device you need to mention the stores and the destination of your data this is how the link services work.


Transforming businesses with Azure Data Factories and Data Lake

now a gateway connects your on-premises data to the cloud so you do need a client installed on your on-premises system so that you can connect to the Azure cloud.


Cloud here what happens is your data can be analyzed and visualized with several different article software like Apache spark our Hadoop and so on so all this.

Data Lake

Data Lake is a very important part when it comes to Azure data factories’ proper functioning so now let’s talk about what exactly is data Lake.

Transforming businesses with Azure Data Factories and Data Lake

Output Data Set

now data leak is a data storage or a file system that is highly scalable and distributed it is located in the cloud and works with multiple. so that they can be worked on now there are two main concepts when it comes to data Lake storage.

Azure Data Lake Storage

so one of them is storage and the other one is analytics now storage is of an unlimited size it can be better bytes terabytes gigabytes and so much more it stores a wide variety of data it could be unstructured or structured data stored really large files and another concept.


Transforming businesses with Azure Data Factories and Data Lake

when it comes to data Lake is analytics now how it works now here are two examples of how analytics works when it comes to data Lake now when it comes to analytics you can monitor and diagnose real-time data for example data that you’re getting from vehicles or buildings these can be used to optimize how they work on to certain events or generate alerts in case something goes wrong then you can also identify fraudulent transactions on your credit card or you can identify the correct geographical position of your card perhaps monitor how many transactions have been taking place on that card and so on so.

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